Advisors: Let's end the student loan
debt crisis one family at a time!

Learn how to better serve Gen X clients, and rescue them from their
#1 financial fear — paying for their children's college...

We're on a mission to revolutionize our industry's approach to college funding advice. We intend to empower financial advisors with the tools they need to help families make an informed college buying decision.

Join us for a deep dive into the process we use in our firm everyday to help clients navigate the stressful process of funding their children's college education.

In this 6-week course you'll learn a powerful process to help normal families pay for college without robbing retirement. Together, we can end the student loan crisis one family at a time. You'll get...

  • Not just education, but real solutions to help families.
  • A proven system to deliver expert college funding advice.
  • Resources to guide families through the college funding maze.

"I'm here to raise the bar for college funding advice."

My goal is to spread our message of College Pre-Approval™ and guide financial advisors coast to coast through an education that enables them to provide unsurpassed advice to their clients. At the end of this 6-week'll know more than 99% of financial advisors.

Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® - CEO & Founder Capstone College Partners

Paying for college is the number one financial concern facing mass-affluent Gen X parents.  

These are families that will not qualify for financial aid because they make too much money, and yet they don’t have enough saved to write a check. The cost of college continues to rise at twice the rate of inflation and American student loan debt is out of control. The stress and anxiety of how to pay for an education that could cost $100,000 to $250,000 per child is always on their mind.

If you were in the top 1% of financial advisors skilled at college would that change your practice?

Most financial advisors get college funding advice & planning all wrong. But, it's not your fault. We were never taught how (or why) to do this the best way possible.
When you learn how to properly guide families through this difficult process, they will be very grateful. The word of your expertise spreads, and more families in the community know, like, trust, and respect you. This is how we grew our practice to focus exclusively on this niche.

Financial advisors haven't gotten the right education on college funding. Until now...

We've cracked the code and developed a unique 6-step process that has helped hundreds of families across the country.  Now, we want to make an even bigger impact by teaching other financial advisors our innovative College Pre-Approval™ process...and change the way financial advisors approach college funding American families don't suffer.

Register for our 6-week program — Mastering The College Pre-Approval™ Process

See exactly how we serve our clients with college funding advice. Learn how we are changing college planning forever...and how you too can be part of this revolution in college funding strategy for American families.

  • Participate in live webinars that walk you through the process.
  • Ask Joe Messinger specific questions in the weekly Q&A.
  • Get video recordings, worksheets, and extra resources you can use to help your clients right away.
  • Get 9 hours CE from the CFP Board.
  • The March session sold out. Ensure you're spot for the May course enroll today....
  • The next session starts the beginning of May (date to be determined).
  • See a summary of each module below...

Module 1: Prepare Families For The Cost Of College

    •    Determine the family's college budget — College Pre-Approval™ — Step 1
    •    Develop their “College Criteria”
    •    Consider majors offered, graduation rates, job placement services, etc.
    •    Develop their list of Safety, Target & Reach schools (6 to 8 schools)
    •    Project their Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
    •    Determine estimated "net cost" (out of pocket) for each school after merit/need based financial aid

Module 2: Guide Families In Applying For Admission & Scholarships

    •    Determine which colleges will accept the Common Application
    •    Meet application deadlines and criteria for each specific college
    •    Meet application deadlines and requirements for institutional & private scholarships
    •    Gather letters of recommendation
    •    Secure transcripts to be sent to colleges and universities

Module 3: Demystify The Financial Aid Process

    •    Learn how a family's expected family contribution (EFC) is determined
    •    Learn key differences between the FAFSA & CSS Profile
    •    Identify 9 key differences between federal & institutional methodology
    •    Identify income & asset strategies to maximize aid eligibility in advance of their "Base Year"
    •    Help divorced parents maximize financial aid
    •    Maximize scholarship money through student academic positioning
    •    Calculate additional funds needed to cover estimated shortfalls

Module 4: How To Analyze & Appeal Financial Aid Offers

    •    Review Student Award letters from each college
    •    Determine strength of need & merit based financial aid packages
    •    Identify aid awards that warrant appeal letters (if applicable)
    •    Leverage competitive offers from other colleges
    •    Notify colleges of any "special circumstances" that may warrant additional financial aid being awarded

Module 5: Helping Families Choose The Right School

    •    Ensure families choose based on value — not emotion
    •    Determine "Best Fit" academically & financially
    •    Analyze net cost after financial aid vs. benefit of schools that have accepted your student
    •    Present the family a side by side net-cost comparison of schools
    •    Ensure the school fits the family's pre-determined College Pre Approval™ budget

Module 6: Advanced Options To Cover The Shortfall

    •    Pay for all 4 years of the education down to the penny in a strategic way
    •    Determine optimal asset, income, and tax strategies
    •    Advise on distributions from savings and investment accounts
    •    Identify eligible tax credits and deductions
    •    Coordinate contributions from other family members
    •    Evaluate and select the proper loans

Bonus # 1 — Building A Practice You Love With College Funding

Everyone asks us how to get clients and carve out a niche for their own practice helping families in their community with college funding. So, we're providing this BONUS WEBINAR (which makes the course 7 weeks total) giving you an overview of our best strategies for connecting with families and earning their trust...and integrating college funding into a comprehensive planning & investment management practice.

Bonus #2 — Advisors' Network LinkedIn Group

Because our goal is to raise the bar in the financial services industry when it comes to college funding advice, we're creating this LinkedIn Group for all members of Mastering The College Pre-Approval™ Process. You'll be able to network with advisors in other parts of the country, we'll post helpful content, start discussions there, and answer your questions as you apply your knowledge with your clients.

Bonus #3 — 7 Of Our Best Guides To Use In Your Practice

    1)    6 Critical Steps To Pay Less For College
    2)    A Complete Guide To College Funding Tax Strategies
    3)    How To Find "Free" Money For College — Grants & Scholarships.
    4)    Case Study: How To Successfully Pay For College Without Robbing Retirement.
    5)    9 Things You Should Know About The Css Profile
    6)    How To Have The College Money Talk With Kids
    7)    Student Loans - What You Need To Know!

"Joe is my go to expert for all things college planning. His fee-for-service, fiduciary approach, is a breath of fresh air in a world that has seen a lot of abuse from the insurance industry. He's an excellent speaker and trainer, and I highly recommend his work!"
Alan Moore, MS, CFP®
Director of Speeding Things Up & Co-Founder
XY Planning Network

Register Now For Mastering The College Pre-Approval™ Process. Get...

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  • A proven process that takes the fear & worry out of paying for college.
  • Unsurpassed education you can apply now to help your existing clients.
  • 9 hours CE from the CFP Board.
  • The March session sold out. Ensure you're spot for the May course enroll today....
  • The next session starts the beginning of May (date to be determined).

This problem isn't going away. Learn how to add massive value to the lives of your clients, their children, and your community.

4 million freshman started high school in 2016. And, college tuition just keeps rising. There is a huge opportunity for you to serve your clients & community at a higher level...when you master the College Pre-Approval™ process. You'll reap the rewards of a thriving business in a growing niche, as well as added trust & respect in your community.

"Get the same process I used to build my business, and
become a respected, college funding expert."

"For the first time, I'm pulling back the curtain to show other financial advisors my firm's proprietary process for helping mass affluent families through the college funding labyrinth. I'm a little nervous about giving away so much value, at such a low price. This strategy is the bedrock of my business. I am, however, on a mission to solve the student loan debt crisis in our country — one family at a time. And, I can't do it alone. I need to teach this to other financial advisors so we can serve American families at a higher level." — Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

If you don't master college funding, your competitors will. Join the 1% of advisors that truly "get" this.

Isn’t it time to gain a competitive advantage in your area, and learn to
serve your clients at a higher level?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of 60 days you don't believe you can apply the College Pre-Approval™ process to help at least one family you already work with pay for their children's college...and earn their gratitude, trust & respect...we'll refund you in full.

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